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01.4 ft3 of PaperNuts in a 3 ft3 Recyclable Carton
02.24" x 30" Sheets of White Table Top Paper in a 50# Bundle
03.36" x 36" Sheets of White Table Top Paper in a 50# Bundle
04.24" x 36" Sheets of 50# Recycled Kraft in a 50# Bundles
05.30" x 30" Sheets of White Table Top Paper in a 50# Bundle
06.24" Roll of 50# Recycled Kraft Paper
07.30" Roll of White Table Top Paper
08.30" x 40" Sheets of White Table Top Paper in a 50# Bundle
09.15" Roll of White Butcher Paper
10.18" Roll of 40# Recycled Kraft Paper
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PaperNuts® are the most environmentally responsible and customer-friendly material that can be used to fill the empty space inside boxes. With PaperNuts® your product stays put in the center of the box and protect it during shipment. 

Because PaperNuts® are made from 100% recycled materials, (both post consumer and post industrial paper) they are clean, safe, nonpolluting, and low in particulates. PaperNuts® are easily recycled. When discarded, they biograde when exposed to water or sunlight.

PaperNuts® are customer-friendly material used to securely fill in empty spaces in boxes when shipping our products. Their unique, interlocking formation enables them to nest together and provide outstanding damage protection by keeping your product in the center of the box during shipment. This provides superior void filling capability and minimizes damage from shock, vibration and product migration much better than other loose fill materials.


Greenpack, The Green Blog
What can we do? 17-February-2011
First let me say that a perfect solution to all of the threats to environment does not yet exist.Plastic is made from petroleum, is not biodegradable,and is rarely recycled. Paper making is energy intensive.But if we follow the simple principles of reduce reuse and recycle, we can make the planet a better place for future generations.

I keep hearing we need to invest millions and billions of dollars in research for new technologies that make us less dependent on foreign oil.Everything from Hybrid engines to solar power is back in the mix as the possible savior.We now have biofuels but that has been shown to be far from perfect.Everyone knows that we need to rely less on foreign oil supplies.

I think the research is great.It will definitely pay off-in twenty years.Do not stop the research! It is important that we are always looking for new technology that will make the old obsolete, but there are things we can be doing right now (that do not require research) to become less dependent on foreign oil.But energy is only a part of the environmental issue.We must reduce our environmental footprint worldwide. The amount of solid waste we generate is appalling and growing every day world wide.Here is where paper shines. More than 1/2 the paper consumed is now recycled. Recycling rates are increasing as recovered paper markets, both here in the US and abroad, remain strong.

Here's an idea: lower the amount of Petroleum needed to produce plastics by using recycled paper materials for as many of your packaging needs as possible.As alternative sources of energy come on stream domestic paper mills will be able to buy "clean energy" from wind or nuclear to use in making paper.You will always need oil to make large quantities of plastic.Corn based plastics are being developed but they will compete with Biofuels for raw materials and drive up the cost of foods made from corn. In addition less energy is needed to make recycled paper than making it from trees (not to mention we save the tree which makes oxygen).It's that simple. Our virgin papers made from trees come from companies that practice sustainable forestry.We can become less dependent today.No new technology needed.All that is needed is a consumer that cares and demands recycled,recyclable, biodegradable,and compostable packaging whenever possible.


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